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Popularize science, respond to growing challenges.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 marzo, 2019

Providing information for the application in Matanzas of the State Life Task Plan, in addition to raising the culture of atmospheric phenomena and its impact on nature, human and animal health, are some of the purposes that distinguish the actions of those who make up the Matanzas branch of the Meteorological Society of Cuba.

Founded in 1991, this family reaches the scientific society that develops the meteorologist Jesús González with the students of the Vocational Pre-University Institute of Sciences Karl Marx, the farmers, cooperative members and agricultural producers, the Environmental Training Network led by the CITMA specialist Froilán Dueñas and the ranger’s body, among other social groups.

This idea of ​​popularizing science also allows the population to appreciate the meteorological event in all its phases and not only when the extremes occur. Hence the importance of assessing the use of the data on a day-to-day basis and in the state or commercial services provided.

On the basis of perfecting these processes, the membership of the Matanzas branch of the Meteorological Society of Cuba made its annual balance, a meeting in which the significant contribution of the information coming from the meteorological stations of the province and the website was highlighted. of the Matanzas Meteorological Center.

A whole program of which Doctor in Sciences Katia del Rosario Rodríguez, president of the Matancera branch, said:”Our fundamental mission is to promote the importance of the knowledge of meteorological information for social, agricultural, outdoor recreation, even animal and human health processes.

“Society as such unites specialists, producers, students who in one way or another are interested or have to do with Meteorology. With this we intend to raise the culture of the population on the phenomena that relate to this science. ”

In an environment so changing and threatened by the occurrence of extreme weather events, the data, information or recommendation offered by meteorology experts is vital. Therefore, the membership of the Matanzas branch of the Meteorological Society of Cuba responds to increasing challenges.

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