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A better-thought Fair.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 8 marzo, 2019

The director of the Provincial Book Center in Matanzas, Efraín Pérez Izquierdo, stressed that the Directorate of Culture in the province worked together with the organizations and artistic manifestations to achieve coherence in the conception of the 28th edition of the International Book Fair.

A plan of redistribution of literature and an economic effort have been made by these institutions so that Matanzas Editions had about 22 publications to offer to the public in this day.

Matanzas Editions has the privilege of publishing the work of Matanzas authors and the honor that national authors entrust their work to this publishing house. Despite the scarce economic resources, because of the financial restrictions that are imposed on our country, the bindings of the new publications of this Book Fair in Matanzas have a great quality in their image and presentation, thanks to the meticulous work of a group of designers and other specialists involved in the binding of titles.

A pasted articulation was achieved thanks to the management of the publishing houses with the Ministry of Culture and the social actors involved in Narváez strolling. State institutions, individuals, art schools, galleries and others intervene in the Fair in a concatenated manner.

“Narváez is a new scenario for Matanzas; we try to establish in that space the best conditions for the public. We have the task of distributing art, literature and gastronomy in an area of ​​four blocks. The sun is one of the inconvenient challenges that we must face and look for alternatives so that it does not affect the activity. We call on the agencies to intervene: the EGREM, ARTEX, Casa de las Américas, among others, with the aim of creating a pleasant atmosphere in the place, “explained Pérez Izquierdo.

“We created a very organized program, which could be subject to changes beyond our reach, but in Matanzas the programs of the fair were conceived independently, professionally and organized by our own literary institutions. The program of the fair springs from our editorials, which speaks very well of the conception of the event in our town, “he added.

Within the first fruits of the book festival in Matanzas, Efraín stressed that seven National Literature Awards confirmed his visit to the city, an unprecedented event at the Matanzas fair. Literature that usually does not reach our city moved to Matanzas from La Cabaña; an agreement with the instances of the Havanan fair managed that will transfer to Matanzas titles of the preference of the reader, such as texts of kitchen, sports and Medicine, which brings diversity of gender to the encounter with the letters.

“Our publishing houses present the best of their literary projection during the year and defend the pride implied by the art of writing in Matanzas with commitment, quality and organization,” he concluded.





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