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Zequeira´s Hat at the International Book Fair in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 10 marzo, 2019

 Zequeira´s Hat, a space coordinated and conducted by the poet Derbys Domínguez, will be held at the Book Fair in Matanzas, in its 28th edition, as part of the program conceived by the Provincial Book Center.

The courtyard of the School of Art, located next to the San Juan promenade, on Narváez Street, was the space chosen for the poet Derbys Domínguez Fraguela, conductor of this meeting, to encourage the usual encounter with figures from the cultural sphere, essentially with people who have developed an intense task as editors, cultural promoters and, of course, as writers.

Zequeira and his Hat began to dialogue with personalities of literature as of last Wednesday, date that marked the beginning of the literary encounter in the capital of the bridges.

Guest writers of the stature of Edel Morales, Alberto Marrero, Jorge Ángel Hernández Pérez, Yanira Marimón and Maylan Álvarez occupy this space at 4:00 in the afternoon on the margins of the pedestrian promenade.

The music students of the School of Art contribute the musical stamp to the agreed meetings.

Víctor Fowler, poet, essayist and researcher and also who for several years served as a teacher, is also invited to dialogue in this cultural space. His work has bifurcated between poetry and essay, standing out in both genres. It could be a propitious moment to know even more about his habitual collaborations with the most important Cuban cultural publications and his performance in writing, both poems and critical works of his that have appeared in several international publications.

 This Saturday Derbys will interact as a moderator in his space with figures of the likes of Gabriel Chávez Casazola, Antonio Chávez, Ciro Bianchi Ross, Virgilio López Lemus, Edelmis Anoceto and Sigfredo Ariel.

Zequeira´s Hat is a meeting that has played an important role in the Fair for a long time, when Alfredo Zaldívar, director of Matanzas Editions, created the genesis of this space. It is usually held during the annual days of the Book Fair in Matanzas and is based on a dialogue with the guest writer.

“We are accompanied by a plethora of Cuban and Matanzas stars every day in the courtyard of the Plastic Arts Academy of the Provincial School of Art. This is just an opportunity to dialogue more rested with the authors and achieves a more colloquial conversation, away from the tensions generated by a book presentation. Zequeira achieves an interaction with the author and a detachment of knowledge that the writer often fails to project under the tension of a presentation, that is why it exists and is productive in the intellectual order  Zequeira´s Hat, “the moderator of the encounter, Derbys Domínguez Fraguela.


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