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Heritage in the drawer

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 marzo, 2019

How I wish I had been wrong! There when we just released the year 2019 and the Matanzas were congratulated by the new face of the foundational Plaza de la Vigia, walked this «critical» journalist taking sparks by a letter that was missing the signaling of the city of Matanzas as a National Monument.(it happened on January).

Then I wrote La «C» missing, a comment to alert about the subtle way it has to gain ground abandonment, neglect, if not act in time in defense of our heritage, the Matanzas, the Cuban!

It is a curse to find the ugly where others only see or just want to see a cobbled square, well painted facades of restored neoclassical buildings, beauty and order, a perfect background to take a selfie.

Perhaps, paraphrasing a very Martian phrase that is often cited without its context, the grateful see the sun and the ungrateful its spots, but I would say that only realists can have a complete view of the matter.

As tempting as it is to let go, follow the flow, turn your face and step, none of that really manages to make the problems disappear.

The letters of the signage of the city as a National Monument continue to «disappear» as if by magic and as victims of the same spell that seems to have blinded them, none of the guardians of the heritage has taken action on the matter.

«The eye of the master …» Someone commented unofficially that the first letter lost had gone to a drawer, which had been kept, had not been lost and therefore, he understood, there was no reason to dust.

One may wonder what is most regrettable, ignorance or inaction.I hope the day will not come when all the metal letters will have to be found in a drawer in order to recompose the phrase «HISTORICAL CENTER» when we want to have it again visible on the occasion of an important visit to the Athens of Cuba, a commemoration, a public act, an official photo, before saving them again.

In March. (Photo by Anet Martínez)


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