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My russian Clock.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 marzo, 2019

In the year 1967 of the last century, I, a young man who just finished the Military Service, began to study in the capital of the country. At that time I lived in the municipality of Aguacate, the old Havana province, at the beginning I gave the daily trips, something that was not very difficult because there was route 44 that covered the Aguacate-Habana section and did it with chronometric accuracy.

The bus had the Montes and Cárdenas streets as its end point, but I had to stay at the Virgen del Camino to take the 78 to the school. At that time he slept little so he took advantage of the hour and a half of the trip to head on the bus.

Because of the fatigue, the little sleep and the ruin of the trips, plus the extra time dedicated to the study were

Many times I went from my whereabouts and reached the end of the route, with the relative inconvenience that this caused me. It is not idle to remember that at that time being late to study or work was sanctioned economically and morally.

I made a firm intention not to fall asleep, but fatigue was more than my interest so I looked for a resource to be awake minutes before reaching the Virgin of the Way.

If my biological clock did not respond I had to find a mechanical one, so I bought a Russian alarm clock that cost me six pesos, certainly very accurate and with a bell that woke up Morfeo himself. To amend the difficulty I put the alarm 15 minutes before arrival at my destination. In those times you could trust the schedule.

You can imagine what happened on that bus when the thunderous bell rang, each one made its own conjectures and several issued criteria, all jocular and respectful, something that was common in my generation. I never got over the stop again.


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