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Prize for the Ellegant of Cárdenas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 marzo, 2019

First the disturbing curiosity about the surprise visit of a group of comrades from the provincial Upec and Radio 26, after the news came in the person of Yirmara Torres, the president of Upec Matancera.

“Panchito has just awarded you the National Sports Journalism Award for the Work of Life and unanimously. The best encouragement for Matanzas people on Cuban Press Day. ”

And the news generated laughter, hugs, kisses and congratulations … of his colleagues in the journalistic guild and, as is logical, Raquel, his Raquel; the loving and attentive wife who knows well of his efforts and passions for sports journalism, of his readings and tireless pursuit of the course of Matanzas and Cuban sports, of his eternal contract with the radio and commitment to the listener.


For these and many other reasons, the one who always arrives without being invited: Mister Feeling. And so with his voice choked and nervous by the emotion he answered the phone call of a familiar voice. It was Carlos Benítez, broadcaster of the program En la Radio, on Radio 26 to congratulate him and ask him to address a few words to the listeners.

Then, neither short nor lazy, as a good communicator who is spoke about his beginnings in the radio in Matanzas and Cárdenas, his hometown; of the wise qe drank from figures such as Ricardo Medina, Bobby Salamanca and Jorge Arturo Castellanos, in addition to the teachings of Manolo García – National Prize for Radio and Journalism “José Martí” -, to whom he dedicated that award.

For your attractive and quality work, the responsibility and discipline before the work, for your simplicity and modesty, congratulations for deserving the National Sports Journalism Award and the recognition that your disciples and colleagues of the media expressed on social networks.

Yirmara Torres, president of Upec in Matanzas: “As you said yesterday, Pancho, you pick up what you sow … this is part of your harvest … but the best of all, dear Pancho, is the respect you have earned among us, your colleagues, and above all, among your listeners … Many congratulations We loveeeeeeeeeeee you “.

Arianna Oviedo, journalist and professor of the University of Matanzas: “Pancho touched us when we went to give him the news; it is all humility and ethics. His first words were to remember those who taught him, Pancho is an example for the guild. You have to call it PROFE … well with capital letters. ”

Guillermo Rodríguez Hidalgo Gato, Radio Rebelde journalist: “This man gave me the opportunity to narrate a baseball game for the first time on the radio. Although I do not remember the exact day I was in the second year of the race and played in Pablo Avelino de Cárdenas, Matanzas vs Mayabeque. Congratulations Panchón, more than deserved this Award. It shows that when there is talent, geographical fatalism does not matter.

” Yaudel Rodríguez Vento, director of the radio station Radio Unión: “Pancho is an example of a friend, a professional. He has been a teacher for me, I can proudly say that I am one of his many disciples.

Thanks for all you helped me, hugs, well deserved prize. “Enrique Tirse, journalist of Radio 26: “That is my friend, the Smart of Cárdenas, the Olympic Pancho Soriano, a hug”.

Jessica Rufin, graduated from the journalism career of the University of Matanzas: “A big congratulations to Pancho from all his colleagues and fans of the Matanzas Cuba Broadcaster … well-deserved prize, prize for sacrifice and sports and journalistic preparation … I am extremely proud”

Nereyda Cárdenas, journalist from Matanzas: “Congratulations, ENCICLOPEDIA SPORTS … you are as the Tosco says … IN SIZE … I do not forget you.”




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