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“Meli, that man is Pancho Soriano …”

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 16 marzo, 2019

I remember seeing it for the first time many years ago, I was still a child and did not know the magnitude and importance of her knowledge, but I was convinced of something: the man who had passed by me was very valuable because when her voice was heard the radio all in my house asked me for silence and they came to listen.

It was an afternoon, I do not forget, my father and my grandfather told me: “Meli, that man is Pancho Soriano, the one we hear on the radio when we cannot come to the stadium.”

When I saw him, I could only get rid of the young image that he had made of me and ask, is he famous? He knows a lot about ball, right?

I grew up listening to him, admiring his ability to make me feel on the ground when he narrated the games, shutting up when he started Playing Hard and approaching the radio to listen to his comments.

Sharing three passions, baseball, journalism and radio was the cause that led me to talk with him, to live the joy of receiving his advice, to have the support of a paradigm, of a living encyclopedia.

This March 14th , Press Day in Cuba, I received a call that put my nerves to the limit: “Pancho Soriano is National Sports Journalism Award, but still do not know, please do not comment, I invite you to join us to give you the news and so you can interview him “, were the words of my” profe “Yirmara Torres, president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba in Matanzas.

How to say no? How can someone who admires him so much reject that proposal? But what do I ask? What can this inexperienced journalism student ask the Olympic Pancho Soriano?

The words remained the tears that appeared in his eyes and that he tried to contain when he received the news, they made a lump in my throat and they put my mind in white. The questions that he had elaborated for him, the phrases that minutes ago crowded to congratulate him were immobile, he could only think about being strong, not crying.

His dedication, dedication and love for the profession for more than half a century are recognized with this award, with the highest recognition that can receive a sports correspondent, narrator, commentator and broadcaster like Francisco Soriano.

I was able to talk today of his exploits, his awards, his professional life, but I thought it more valuable to let him know that his talent is so great that he came to love radio, journalism and sports for a girl, that girl who today she grew up and trembles with emotion and respect for her glory, that her nerves dominate her when she has to interview him or work with him and who can only give his name to Matanzas, from Cuba, thanks for his professionalism and congratulations for his excellence.

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