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Process prior to the II Conference of the ANIR goes well in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 16 marzo, 2019

As part of the preparatory process of the II Conference of the Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR), to be held in the coming month of October, the province of Matanzas began this March 15th  in the town of Jovellanos the municipal stage of the assemblies of renewal and ratification of mandates of the organization.

Bárbara Herrera Zulueta, president of the ANIR in the territory, told Radio 26 that according to the planned schedule, on March 26th  and 29th , the municipal conferences of Colón and Cárdenas, respectively, will take place on the 9th and 12th. April, will be made in that order Jagüey Grande and Matanzas.

As noted, as in the assemblies held in the Committees of Innovators (CIR) in the base, the meetings in the territorial structures are timely to make objective, deep and transparent analysis on the contribution of the members of these organizations and the impact of the work that are making.

Regarding the previous stage of the process, which took place between the months of January and February, the leader valued that it concluded satisfactorily. 508 meetings were held, 846 leaders of the CIRs were renewed, while another thousand 583 were ratified, and of these, one thousand and 39 are women.

The main claims of the members of this association from their entities were related to the breach of the established terms to process and evaluate the works; the lack of training of the administrators regarding the current legislation that protects the innovative activity and the need for more systematic attention by the union structures.

In the assemblies that will happen until next April in the territories, besides renewing or ratifying the executives of the ANIR, another essential objective is the election of the delegates to the Provincial Conference of the Association, which will be held on the 26th and June 27 next and the representation that Matanzas will have in the national appointment, scheduled for next October.

In the context of the recent meeting between the top management of the (CTC) in Matanzas and representatives of the press, the president of the provincial Bureau of the ANIR, emphasized: “In the basic assembly process we could see, as in other moments, the recognition of the work of the innovators and their willingness to contribute with their solutions to the efficiency of the productive processes in their centers, but it was also demonstrated that the ANIR must increase the protagonism in the control and monitoring of the problems that limit the creativity of our associates.

“Improving the functioning of the Association from the ground up is a commitment of the first order for the innovative movement in Matanzas, if we bear in mind that the official Call to the II National Conference of the ANIR was made from one of our reference centers, the Antonio thermoelectric Guiteras, in October 2018 … Therefore, our commitment is to keep the contribution of our associates high, which is visible in its real dimension. We aspire, with the effort of all, that the Association be more strengthened and dignify even more the work of the men and women we represent “, affirmed the also member of the provincial secretariat of the CTC.




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