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Let it happen again!

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 marzo, 2019

About seven kilometers distance the rural community of Paso Del Medio and the city of Matanzas, a city of 325 years with valuable heritage institutions, useful to better understand the history and national identity.

Last Friday the House of Culture and the school were ratified as essential managers of the formation of the new generations in the community and the result of coordinated action, pioneers of Samuel Fernandez Elementary, accompanied by teachers and relatives, visited several of the museums of the so-called Athens of Cuba.


Not a few admired the beauty of the collections of the former French Drugstore of Ernesto Triolet, converted into a Pharmaceutical Museum almost 55 years ago, an enclosure that boasts for its values ​​and the funds that shelter the condition of National Monument.

It is impossible to visit the city of Yumurina without touring the young street of Narváez, the result of resuscitations greeting the 325th anniversary of San Carlos and San Severino de Matanzas, completed on October 12 last. In the Artisans Square the children found a large, safe, interesting and adequate place to have a snack, talk and accumulate strength to continue the new journey along the San Juan riverbank.

The Firefighters, a living museum because the heritage institution and an active command of the men who fight the fire and save lives, also attracted the small visitors anxious to put on a helmet and to patent the moment in a photograph for show the family.

The model of the so-called revolving bridge captured the attention of children and adults in the Palacio de Junco; How can we not be stunned by the alternate passage of the train and a miniature ship that expresses a longing for many? That the real structure turn again is one of the projects of the Office of the Curator of the City, transcended during the tour of the provincial museum of Matanzas.

In the breadth of  Vigía Square played and chatted infants until the arrival of the bus to visit the Watkin Park, where the lions monopolized the most intense glances and there were no mischievous who threw their cookies to the pond ducks.

The return was quite silent for about seven kilometers because not a few energies were consumed in the excursion, but when they reached Paso del Medio, in a short sentence a girl offered the teacher her verdict on the day: Let it be repeated!




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