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Matanzas Symphonic Orchestra assumes a demanding violin program.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 marzo, 2019

Complex works of the international violinist repertoire performed this Saturday the Matanzas Symphony Orchestra, in the White Room, together with members of the Mozartian Liceum of Havana, all under the baton of maestro José Antonio Méndez Padrón.

“As we are celebrating the Festival of Young Musicians we had the idea to offer a concert where the soloists were very talented but little known students. The works that have been chosen belong to the most demanding violinist repertoire in the history of music.

“Works such as Carmen’s fantasy, Aires gitanos, by Pablo Sarasate or habanera by Saint-Saëns are usually performed by great soloists in the world. Seeing that these young boys perform a good performance of this music is very satisfying for me, as a musician, as a Cuban. This shows that the violin school in our country is maintained at a high level. ”

The technical difficulties of these pieces demanded a lot from the young music students of the Higher Institute of Art.

“The work I played is quite rigorous. It really was a great challenge for me to play Carmen’s fantasy because it does not run much in Cuba because of the technical demands it has. The violin played a leading role in the varied program of the concert that included the performance of three other soloists “, specified Laura Esther Rivero.

“My work is romantic, virtuous, quite lyrical and very entertaining, based on the rhythm of the dance known as habanera, composed by Charles Camille Saint-Saëns. The role of the orchestra is paramount; it almost acts as a soloist because it has many imitations of violin performances, “explained Manuel Alejandro de la Cruz.

“I played a piece by a post-romantic composer from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Its rhythm is slow, the melody is very simple, but you have to keep it and highlight it. The work is really very virtuous. It contains many complicated passages, but his biggest challenge is from the expressive point of view, “said Jason Ernesto Varona.

“I think that the play Aires gitanos, by the Spaniard Pablo Sarasate, is very complete and has many effects, especially pizzicatos and spiccatos,” concluded Javier Cantillo.

For the young director, the collaborations favor closer dialogue between the musicians, the generational approach and the professional technical development of the participants.

“The idea of ​​bringing young boys to play alone is to inspire the members of the orchestra a bit. There are many of them who have talent and great conditions, but due to lack of motivation and issues beyond their will and to life, they have lost the illusion of becoming great soloists.

“I believe that with actions of this kind we recover part of the dreams that have been left on the road. I do not know if it will change their lives, but at least it will make them think that they are the same age and that, like them, they can also do it, what must be sacrificed. ”

At the head of the Mozartian Liceum in Havana, Méndez Padrón recently assumed the direction of the Matancera Symphony Orchestra. “Since I started working with the orchestra, my idea has always been to combine musicians from the Liceum of Havana and the Symphony of Matanzas.

“Collaborations and synergies never bring disadvantages, quite the contrary. Everything we project will be in favor of the orchestra. See how two musicians, who do not know each other, do not even know what they are called or have ever exchanged, that the only thing that unites them is music as a common language, it is comforting. That’s the goal of this type of concert. ”

The young musicians recognize the opportunity to present themselves with the orchestra as a privilege, given the prestige that the Matancera Symphony has had since its creation.

“The work with the Matanzas Symphony has been very nice. This was not my first time with them because on other occasions I have shared with the orchestra and I am always grateful. This experience is an honor for me. It was also very pleasant to work with the maestro José Antonio Méndez whom I consider a great musician and an excellent director who knows how to transmit us a lot of security when he directs us, “said Laura Esther.

“The accompaniment of the orchestra is very good. The work I played, without the orchestra is nothing and I really liked his work, “said Jason Ernesto Varona.

“I came to a similar project about a year and a half ago to play with the orchestra. Now I also worked as a soloist. It is an interesting experience that allows the orchestra to interact with musicians from Havana and with Pepe (José Antonio) as director, which I consider the greatest help. For us it is also a pleasure to contribute to the enrichment of the Matanzas Symphony, “said Javier Cantillo.

“It is a pleasure and an honor to be here in Matanzas and to share with the musicians from Matanzas,” confessed Manuel Alejandro de la Cruz.

For José Antonio Méndez Padrón the priority is to renew the passion of musicians for the most universal of the arts.

“It is difficult to foresee any result now because I assumed the direction of the orchestra very recently. I like to work with a lot of time in advance and patience. The music and the orchestra are dedicated.

“The main goal in the medium term is for the musicians to feel love for the orchestra again, for playing beyond whether they do it well or not, that will be another step. They are not instruments, they are human beings who feel and suffer and my work as a director begins by understanding them as the people they are.

“I would like to feel that the musicians are returning to something they like, that gives them pleasure after working all night in Varadero come to sit two or three hours to share with others. That will be enough. Then we will think about increasing the technical level of the orchestra, the sound and everything else. For now we only hope that the musicians are happy playing. ”

The concert was part of the Festival of Young Musicians that seeks to expand the presentations of the orchestra along with other formations and soloists of the national instrumental panorama and thus contribute to the consolidation of the Symphonic  of Matanzas.

Of extraordinary importance at present is the work of the institution that is close to turning 69 years old as a trainer of the new musicians, a commitment to which the current director has given himself.

Friends of Cuban Culture Association, it was not until 1962 that it became official as a symphony orchestra.



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