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Green medicine: not only used by grandmothers.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 marzo, 2019

A visit to an agro-ecological cooperative in Cárdenas makes us think about the still insufficient use of green medicine as a palliative treatment for many diseases.

It is known that for some years now its presence has been tripled in pharmacies, but there is still a lot to be exploited, especially in the absence of industrial production drugs in the pharmacies, which could have an alternative solution for certain ailments, especially related with the anxieties, the pains, the inflammation, the oldness and its sequels and other ailments that do not kill, but mortify patients enough.

The general opinion among the population is that their potentialities are not known with due depth, when there are, between phyto-pharmaceuticals derived from plants and honey derived apifarms, more than a hundred products at hand. Of them, dozens appear in the Basic Table of Drugs, but in truth they do not prescribe with the due assiduity.

Agricultural producers consider that the plant mass is not used in its entirety, although there are land dedicated to its cultivation.

The entities of the branch indicate that it is due in many cases to the lack of bottles and the lack of important components such as essential oil of peppermint, camphor, sodium bicarbonate and menthol, due to difficulties presented in the country for the importation.

The problem is on the table. Going from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for a medicine, which perhaps has its counterpart in natural medicine is a solution to this complex moment, exacerbated by the abusive Yankee blockade. If there is one thing that Cubans have, creativity springs up just like the roots, leaves and flowers of medicinal plants grow.




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