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Danzonete that intoxicates with history and music.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 5 abril, 2019

Nectar of the gods / sap of lyricism / that in the soul puts / may gleams of May / mysterious elixir, / dream of eroticism / / life is a kiss! / With the rum Yucayo … On the paper dyed by the years it rests the composition of Aniceto Díaz exposed, among other musical relics, from this Thursday in the José White Concert Hall, in the city of Matanzas.

In a document kept by the Palacio de Junco museum, dated April 15, 1935, the text of Ron Yucayo, danzonete not included in the catalog of the National Museum of Music in Cuba, can be read. Teacher María Victoria Oliver explained that dusting the score was part of the investigative process from which the book Matanzas was born, from the contradanza to danzonete, which clarifies and argues the process that determined the emergence and development in Matanzas del danzón and danzonete.


The exhibition Relics of the danzón gathers historical objects, instruments and scores in the former artistic and literary school of Matanzas, where the pioneering danzón was officially premiered, The Heights of Simpson, on January 1st , 1879.

The cornet of Miguel Failde, creator of danzón; a violin that belonged to Julián Barreto, member of the Orquesta Típica of Enrique Peña; and a guayabera by maestro and composer Guillermo Rubalcaba are also shown in the Sala José White.

On the occasion of the IV Danzonero International Encounter Miguel Failde in memoriam, which began on April 4 to be extended until next Sunday, participants will have the opportunity to interpret, listen, dance and learn about the genre and its evolution.

How nice to get drunk with history and music when reading about the patrimonial paper: It’s not enough for me, my life / the compliments of your love / Give me the rum of joy! / Ron Yucayo is my liquor!


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