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The danzonero becomes musical and literary event in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 6 abril, 2019

As part of the program of the fourth danzón event Miguel Failde in memorian Dr. Maria Victoria Oliver presented on the grounds of the White Room his most recent research, collected in the pages of a text entitled: Matanzas, from the contradanza to danzonete.

Dr. Oliver brought this book to light in the Matanzas chapter of the International Book Fair for the current year.

The publication is a scholarly tour of the author, who is also a professor of guitar and the evolution of paradigmatic genres and the importance of them since the creation of the contradanza, through the danzón, until the advent of danzonete.

Radio 26 talked with Alina López, editor of Matanzas: from the contradanza to the danzonete, about the values ​​and contributions of the author of this title to the musical culture of Matanzas:

«This book explains the process of how these instruments became part of the Cuban culture because their musicians came from the African continent and the influence of the French element in the creation of them. Above all, the author gives a relevant role to Matanzas and her ethnic legacy in the generic contribution to these musical rhythms, so it is not surprising that Miguel Failde with the danzón and Aniceto Díaz with the danzonete are the two great exponents and creators of them and were mulattos.

«From this the text explains how the upper class of Matanzas accepts these genres created by people of color and how they were inserted into the elite halls of the city.»


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