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The national symbols deserve respect.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 8 abril, 2019

Cuba approves a new law of patriotic symbols, a legal body that aims to dignify our most beloved values ​​of rebellion and loyalty, inherited from our founding fathers.

For me it was not necessary to see on television the words of Eusebio Leal, historian of Havana, who venerated our main icons and gave them the rightful place, because they, like their parents, are part of the fidelity and obedience that should be paid.

Maybe many do not share my criteria, but personally I do not like that our flag is exposed in different objects that have nothing of solemnity, such as private clothes and other disposable utensils.

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday where most of the objects used were brought from the United States and I received an impact, I say it with all sincerity, that it took me time to recover, because I found it humiliating to see plates, napkins and various objects in baskets of trash, the yard or thrown everywhere with the flag of that country.

One of the people, good friend by the way, knowing my revolutionary affiliation told me, half-jokingly and half seriously: “Sorry to give you on a tray with the American flag”, to which I replied, what hurts me is that something as serious as the flag of a nation falls so low.

Immediately one of the animated ones of Elpidio Valdés came to my mind, where a mambí told Valdés himself: “Captain, what a job it took to take the flag from the soldier who was carrying it,” to which the Mambí chief told him: “They love her and defend her as we do ours.

” The patriotic symbols do not belong to a social system, to a Government policy, to a regime, be it dictatorial or democratic, lovers of majorities or minorities. These icons are the people’s heritage, so we must respect both our own and those of others.

That is why when a public activity is sung the national anthem of a nation should be given the same treatment of respect and solemnity, because that song belongs to the people and not the government that represents it, and the people must be respected.


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