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Churrisco died, but he is still alive in Cubans’ mind.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 11 abril, 2019

Churrisco, a prominent Cuban humorist, died recently, at the age of 72. In this regard, his curriculum, his awards -including the National Humor-, histrionic gifts and other human values ​​have been written sheets and more pages, so I did not relate in the days close to his death the fortuitous encounter we had on the boardwalk Havana, about two or three months ago.

I was heading towards the El Tángana shopping center and I was half disoriented. At that time the artist and his wife came in the opposite direction to mine. The first impression I experienced was to meet a known person, so I went to meet him.

Advanced a few steps I realized who it was.

I said without preamble: -I know you, but you do not know me.

His response was as fast as his thought was: «That does not matter; you’ll see that now we’re going to solve that. He extended his hand, told me his first name and urged me to tell him mine. All that happened under the sun-shining sun of the capital’s boardwalk.

Then came a second question: – Where is El Tángana? Here it was even faster and with more information because it was coming from there: «There is chicken, oil, they do not have egg, there is little milk powder left … And so he gave me an account of what he had and what they had. I took the opportunity to tell him that that was not my goal. -My purpose is to buy a piece for a Polish Fiat.

-Ah about that I cannot help you, but if you want to get there fast, go where you are going to give yourself a tanganazo.

I think that the narrative about this meeting says a lot about the personality of Churrisco, the good person he was and how he knew how to respect his audience.


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