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More than two thousand places of university studies and short cycle courses are offered in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 abril, 2019

Some 600 places of the short cycle courses are offered in Matanzas as a training variant for upper level students. The head of the department of pre-university education in the province, Ricardo Muñoz Alonso, told Radio 26 that the careers of the health profile will be expanded with innovative offers such as Medical Biophysics,  Electro medicine, Hygiene and Epidemiology as well as Occupational Therapy.

Muñoz Alonso also explained that the incorporation of Customs as a short cycle race stands out and, given the need for teaching staff that presents the territory, places of some ten pedagogical specialties.

This time the university careers plan includes more than thousand 730, similar to past periods.

«In recent years we have strengthened the preparation for the school to be the main stage and do not have to go to the people who teach in their homes”.

Parallel to classes on T.V. that are transmitted to systematize content, reviews are developed in schools where the concept of teaching group is broken to work according to the affected knowledge elements and according to the interests of the students.

«Another indispensable action is the consultation of the agendas of previous exams. In the pre-university schools of the province we have questionnaires of up to five years ago. So far more than 90 percent of students have committed themselves to making such checks, «he said.

On the granting, one of the most complex stages of this process, expressed that it consists of four moments. The first is reserved for students who pass the entrance exams and opt for university or short cycle courses, then those who, for duly justified reasons, will present themselves for the second round, have their opportunity.

Subsequently another version is made for those who failed an exam and, as stipulated, are entitled to careers of the course by encounters in the deficit profiles in the territory. Then, young people under 25, graduates of bachelor’s degree, can choose among the vacancies of the plan.

«We insist on the importance of the student presenting himself to the tests, because in the first grants, as is logical, there is the diversity of options,» he said.

About 260 students, approximately, is the enrollment of short cycle courses in the province, modality of high education that is distinguished by the consolidation of studies in two and three years and that represents the level of Higher Technician.

This modality is taught on a regular daytime basis – face-to-face – with an age limit of 25 years and there is no entry test for access. Those who choose this system can enjoy university life belong to the University Student Federation and, above all, fill a void in jobs that require specialists more attached to practical tasks.


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