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Sound and audiovisual heritage, priority of Cuba.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 14 abril, 2019

The Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) prioritizes the conservation of sound and audiovisual heritage for its historical and cultural values ​​for Cuba and the world.

The work includes the identification and collection of patrimonial documents, as well as the digitalization of the archives to avoid losses. They stand out for their importance for historical memory, particularly the patrimonial records related to Fidel Castro Ruz.

In this sense, more than one thousand audiovisuals were digitized, among which the activities of Fidel before 1959, the triumph of the Revolution, in events, round tables, documentaries and other informative genres stand out.

In the sound part, more than eleven thousand audios were recovered, such as the historical archives of Radio Habana Cuba and the records that were part of the Hasta La Victoria Siempre programming.

For the protection, conservation and dissemination of this heritage we worked on two lines, mainly aimed at expanding these processes and looking for options that allow economic sustainability through projects with other countries.

Among the objectives for the current year of the ICRT, it is important to perfect the processing of the information contained in the patrimonial documents, as part of the historical memory of Cuba.




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