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Matanzas ready for the XXI Congress of the CTC and the May Day festivities.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 17 abril, 2019

«This first of May will be the first mass rally of our people almost a month after the new Constitution of the Republic was established and six days after the XXI Congress of Cuban workers.»

This was highlighted by Isdalys Rodríguez, general secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Workers Confederation CTC in Matanzas, in the context of the press conference held at its headquarters to present the details of the yumurina delegation to the union forum and the celebration of the International Workers’ Day in the territory.

Matanzas representation to the final sessions of the XXI Congress; to be held from the 20th to the 24th of this month in Havana, will be concentrated from this day 17th and until the 19th in the Events Center of the CTC, located in the periphery of the municipality header.

An exchange of preparation with the main authorities of the Government and Party of the province, the meeting of each representative to the conclave with the maximum union and administrative direction of his sector and the tours by centers of economic and social interest of the territory; including a tour of the historic center of the capital of Yumurina, will be the most significant activities that the Matanzas delegation will carry out these days before its transfer to the Cuban capital in the afternoon of next Friday.

This western province is the fourth in the country with the largest number of participants to the conclave, having a guest and 87th delegates; among outstanding workers and union leaders with outstanding experience, of whom 43 are women.


Around the preparations for May Day, the head of the CTC told the press the various traditional actions developed by the trade union movement during the commemorative day on the occasion of May Day.

As explained the central parade of the capital of Yumurina, as in previous years will be led by a block composed of young people, another with members of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in tribute to the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Revolutionary National Militias and then the 16 unions will march with costumes, posters, photos, flags and allegorical proclamations.

It was emphasized that the acts for the world anniversary of the proletariat will be carried out under the central motto: Unity, Commitment and Victory and in all the cities, the mobilizations of the workers and their families will begin at seven and thirty in the morning at usual squares, streets and roads.

There are many reasons to go to this new town meeting, such as paying eternal tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, and our heroes and martyrs, expressing the unity of Cubans in the Revolution, its leaders, and the continuing generation of the socialist project, as well as ratify that the battle to achieve economic efficiency today is our primary task and for this the contribution of workers is decisive, «said the also member of the Central Committee of the Party.

As reported in the press conference offered by the provincial secretariat of the CTC, the union in this western territory aims to mobilize about 300 thousand Matanzas on May 1 through the 32 events and parades to be held on the occasion of the date in the towns, cities, towns and rural communities.



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