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Teachers from Matanzas in Congress.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 abril, 2019

Yudith Vázquez, educator of the children’s circle Rayitos de Libertad; Gerardo Mier, professor at the University of Matanzas; Dariel de León, worker of the territorial Delegation of Citma; Leonardo Valdés, of the Provincial Directorate of Sports; Haydeé León, high school teacher Nelson Sánchez and Verónica Ceballo, Pedagogical School Roberto Coco Peredo integrate the yumurina delegation of the Union of Education, Science and Sports to the XXI Congress of the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC).

According to Miriam Luisa Rodríguez, secretary of that union in the province and also part of the delegation, the group is distinguished by its diversity:

«All sectors that are part of the union are represented. We are very pleased with the election of the young Yudith Vázquez Junco, of Jagüey Grande, as a direct delegate. His career is outstanding not only for his professional merits, but also for his relations with the collective. She is an example of how much the new generations can contribute and in fact contribute to this country.

«Teresa Montelier, of the municipal committee of the CTC in Matanzas; Abel Denis, teacher of the Enrique Hart and Eusebio Díaz primary school, member of that union organization in the municipality of Unión de Reyes complete the delegation. »

About the election of representatives Rodríguez explained:»We were very meticulous with the selection, result of a process that began with the call to the conclave and, later, each union section made its annual balance where the renewal or ratification of the executives took place. In the context of the discussion of the document that governs our operation, the candidates for the Congress and the National Council were selected. In the municipalities, later, an analysis was carried out to finally choose the participants. «In Jagüey, the best efforts.

For several years the municipality of Jagüey Grande has obtained positive results in the teaching activity.

Yuraidy Sardiñas, secretary of the union group in that town, told Radio 26 that the recognition of Vázquez Junco also rewards teachers who prepare students to access high education and cultivate their vocation towards pedagogical careers, two areas in which The citrus region exhibits excellent performance.

«In a particular way, Yudith is an exemplary educator, deeply committed to her work.»


…..Topics for debate

The XXI Congress of the CTC, which will take place between April 20 and 24, will be the stage where educators from Matanzas will discuss their problems, including insufficient salaries, the limitations of the plan of attention to teachers and the exodus of your fellow workers.

José Miguel Soeiro, secretary of that union in the municipality, assured Radio 26:

«We have advanced a little in the attention and the stimulation to the teacher, two concepts that are not equal and that, unfortunately, are equated to the detriment of the welfare of the teachers. This program of actions aimed at satisfying the most urgent needs of our teachers was an initiative of the Government of Matanzas that later was replicated in the country, but we do not have here the best experiences.

«Stability fails and the scope is very limited. We are far from fulfilling the goal of the teacher feeling recognized for the work he does. The most prominent must be distinguished, but the help must reach everyone.

«In the budget of this school year we managed to include these expenses, but there is still a long way to go in that direction.»Other topics of interest for these professionals are the deterioration of school infrastructure and professional improvement.




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