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Girón, 58 years of historical responsibility.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 abril, 2019

Fifty-eight years after the first great defeat of Yankee imperialism in Latin America, the Cuban people recalled the date with the firm conviction of defending national sovereignty as in April 1961.

In Playa Girón, municipality of Zapata Swam, a political-cultural gala was held where the heroism of the Cuban people was recognized and tribute paid to the 156 fighters who perished in the deed.

Wilfredo Sobrino Moreira, protagonist of this event, told Radio 26 his testimony about the epic feat of the militiamen in the Bay of Pigs, who in 66 hours defeated the invaders.

In the heroic land the role of the new generations in the construction of our society was also ratified, according to Karen Hernández, a worker of the municipal Delegation of Agriculture, who spoke on behalf of the young people.

“Our enemies do not rest in their work of distorting the reality of our country and confusing young people with cynicism and impudence. They also bet on economically strangle socialism with incoherent laws such as Helms-Burton. However, Cuban youth have the commitment and historical responsibility to consolidate this revolutionary process. ”

During the gala, the commemorative medal of the 60th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Armed Forces was given to the fighters of Playa Girón.

Likewise, the new members of the Union of Young Communists and the Communist Party of Cuba received the cards that accredit them within the organizations.

The event, chaired by the first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Teresa Rojas Monzón and the president of the Popular Power Assembly at similar instance, Tania León Silveira, also had the presence of Nemesia Rodríguez Montano, who inspired the Elegy of the Zapaticos Blancos.



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