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Delegates to the XXI Workers Congress visit facilities of Varadero and Cárdenas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 abril, 2019

On the occasion of holding the XXI Congress of the Cuban Trade Workers Union (CTC) on April 20th until April 24th, the delegates of the province of Matanzas made a tour of different base business units with high economic, productive results and union.

The journey began in the Cárdenas Rum factory, where they received an explanation related to the fulfillment of the economic plan and the budget. It was noted that this factory has laboratories accredited by qualified personnel. The star product is increased: the Perla Rum and a Local Development Project is worked on, aimed at national and international tourism, as well as the environment.

The delegates to the XXI Workers Congress exchanged with the collective of workers of the Milk Dairy products factory Germán Hernández Salas, in the Ciudad Bandera, a plant that produces five thousand gallons a day of ice cream of different flavors, together with chocolé, mix for milk shakes and fortified milk for children from 0 to one year old. From this center also comes the whole milk for medical diets of the province. Subsequently, the delegation visited the Oil Drilling and Extraction Company of the Center.

In the seaside resort of Matanzas, these men and women with a valuable union career spoke with workers from the tourism sector at the Blau Varadero Hotel and there they learned about the performance of their counterparts in the assemblies of members and representatives, as well as their contribution to the Program. of Cancer and blood donations.

In the same way they held a dialogue with the staff of the emblematic International Hotel that expects to become one of the best in Varadero, with good comfort and specialized attention to customers in order to make them feel at home and repeat their stay in installation.

During the tour the delegates visited the Artisans’ Fair on 15th Street and the radio station Radio Varadero recently restored with everything necessary. The delegates thanked the exchanges to know in depth the work of the main tourist facilities of the spa and Cárdenas.




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