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Gallery-workshop of Mederos, fruit of the anniversary 325 of the foundation of Matanzas city.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 abril, 2019

There are people who do wonders with their hands. This is the case of Jesus Alberto Mederos Martínez, outstanding artist of the plastic arts in Matanzas, who from the filth created his gallery-workshop that today forms part of the environment of the once abandoned Narváez street, in the city of Matanzas, one of the venues of the Biennial of Havana in this city of bridges and rivers.

Who knew this area knew that the deterioration took over the artery and the buildings that are part of the heritage of Matanzas, because there was promoted trade along with the founding of the city that just turned 325 years. Both banks of the San Juan River were the basis for the creation of warehouses, where oldlocal cranes, berths and old places.

One of those sites subsequently became, for a long time, a workshop for automotive mechanics, it was a garage to store cars and then space unusable and full of debris. It is precisely there where the gallery workshop of Mederos was erected, a work that honors a phrase of the singer: «Only love begets wonder».

In addition to love we could add other condiments, because there was dedication, professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and, above all, art to bring together artists, officials and decision makers, who provided everything necessary to execute the task.

There Mederos will continue his work as a creator, who has never stopped doing, but also exhibits triumphs with his children’s project, in which around thirty children take their first steps in the art of pallets and brushes. Everything is not there, because in that group children are mixed with their parents, also those who are part of the home without family support, creating an atmosphere of brotherhood, equality, solidarity and above all much affection.

Although Mederos is the architect, he works with a group of young people who are part of the faculty of teachers and instructors of the workshop, many of whom grow up under the artist’s gaze.

The space is designed for multipurpose. There is a gallery where they exhibit their own works, an area for social gatherings and entertainment, a cafeteria that sells drinks and groceries, which does not work when the child project works. And the refreshment provided to the children is free.

Something that called me a lot of attention: is that what has been built so far is for the outside, that is, for others, because Mederos is still painting in his house, since he still needs to build his studio.



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