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“Interview a statue …, crazy thing”

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 abril, 2019

I saw him leave the House of the Scenic Memory next to other two companions dressed as criminals of the American West, they walked step by step, slowly and they pointed with their pistols to whichever person crossed in the way to him.


Sheriff Bar went to stop and behind them, Matanzas people were amazed to see three living statues assaulting the streets of their city.


People passed and they posed to be photographed. The children were stunned, surely the innocence of their little mental processes did not allow them to explain what was happening before their eyes: that a statue comes alive. I immediately thought about interviewing these actors and I threw the question into the air, the statues looked at me, they pointed at me with their pistols and continued with their act.

Beside me a pregnant girl took snaps with her cell phone, turned her eyes to me and clarified: – I think it will be difficult, they do not talk to anyone while doing their work, you may want to talk with the living statue, in that case It will be easier, the actor at this time does not live in them, those who are there are the characters. In these cases it is better not to insist, “he concluded.

I tried to force my lips to smile at him with a gesture of approval that did not allow me to glimpse the “your opinion is irrelevant to me” of my brain and, of course, I did it for education.

I felt predisposed and somewhat disappointed. Just at the moment when I almost gave up, one of the three statues throws a whistle at me, followed by an invitation to sit down at one of the bar tables.

I still do not know if I interviewed the actor or the character, because he certainly answered me with a foreign accent …, the truth is that this work as a journalist sometimes makes me seem “not normal”.


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