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Callejero: the work of a Quijote called Mirón.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 abril, 2019

The Mirón Cubano, the main architect of the initial idea of ​​the days of the Street Theater in Matanzas, awards in 2019 its 35 years of continuous work offering art for Matanzas, Cuba and the world.


The ensemble directed by Rocío Rodríguez celebrates its 35th anniversary precisely by supporting and sponsoring the work of street theater with relevant results and the launching of the KYGRO event for ten years.

Mercedes Fernández Pardo, street art consultant and member of the hostof the theater event in the City of the Bridges, explained to Radio 26 that the main objective of the meeting is to give participation to the new generations and expressions of street theater. He added that this theatrical modality also allows developing the Cuban artistic movement, to enrich it and in this way create expectations regarding the theater in exteriors.

In the lobby of the Velasco cinema the public from Matanzas was able to find the information and promotion related to the event that had its main points of strength in enclaves such as Middle Street, the Narváez promenade, Libertad´s Park and Vigía Square.

The theoretical spaces of the KYGRO enriched the legacy and exchange of Cuban theater experts and collected in an extraordinary way the scenic memory of the street arts, not only in Matanzas, but outside our local premises. These theoretical exchanges were very useful and enriching to safeguard this modality of our cultural heritage, according to the statements of Rocío Rodríguez, artistic director of the 10th Street Theater Conference.

As is already tradition, the event concluded with the longest function in the Parque de la Libertad, where parades were included, careers of living statues and in this 2019 the award of the children’s contest Clowns of my city.

Among the most striking attractions for Matanzas public were the living statues; the performances of the Avilanian group D’Morón Teatro; the staging of Club de Clown de El Mirón; the photographic exhibitions and children’s functions, as well as the recreation of the Cuban traditions of African origin through the scenography design.

The x Day of Street Theater in Matanzas would not have been a happy reality without the support of the institutions and organisms of Provincial Culture, the auspice of the AHS in the city, the CPAE and the House of Scenic Memory directed by the playwright Ulises Rodríguez Febles, and the smiles of all the Matanzas children who enjoyed this week of school recess with the functions of Callejero in this April of wonders.

… Photos: Abel López Montes de Oca





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