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Sing Edoardo to Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 abril, 2019


Passionate teacher

for history and culture,

Edoardo Hernández in pure

poetry has placed

his obvious love, anchored

to the city; hopes

adds to the stanza; praise,

there are not missing those that deserve

the city and so it offers

his own Sing to Matanzas:


Matanzas, my new Athens,

from Bellamar to Pon Pon

You jump balcony by balcony

in a dream of lilies.

Your streets wake up full

of intelligent voices

and the eminent muses

of your children grow

when they are inspired and they sing

to your rivers and your bridges.


In the center, the Cathedral

it rises majestic and beautiful

as a historical footprint

of clerical splendor.

The old central park

still captivating loves,

and trees, palms and flowers,

replicas of the forest,

they are venues for a party

of trills and colors.


for fluvial amazes

They stack on their shoulders

the waters that the Pan drains.

The Pan greets the Jacán,

with a green smile,

and the breeze

with a siren song,

it goes sweeping the sand;

cool remix of breeze.


The waters of the bay

they form foamy spears

for giving to Matanzas

a piece of poetry.

What force of allegory

for a different poem,

when armed verse to the belt

Carilda Oliver left

euphoric to defend

to Plácido and Jacinto!







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