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Transport more and better.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 abril, 2019

Although there is a tendency for growth in the main indicators of public transport and cargo services in the province of Matanzas, the growing demand for passengers in the territory requires more quality in these services.

Regardless of the effort deployed in recent years, it is necessary to look for alternatives to mitigate the current situation of restrictions that are manifested in Cuba, derived from the economic circumstances existing in the world.

The services of this branch must be observed with a deeper look, because it directly affects the economic and social life of people in Matanzas.

Among the problems that hinder the development of transport stand out the non-observance of the schedule of inter-municipal bus routes and the existence of a true confrontational service in the City of Bridges.

Even so, it is worth highlighting the search for alternatives by workers in the sector, such as vehicle re- motorizing, repairing of these, as well as the entry of means that, although not sufficient, help to mitigate the situation.


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