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What happens if the productive chain is broken?

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 abril, 2019

Honoring the state order is today among the main challenges of the Cuban business system, urged to supplement with products made at home and not brought from outside lines destined to satisfy the basic food basket or other food needs of the population.

To ensure the fulfillment of the state order (EE), the country makes available to companies as dissimilar resources as the so-called technological packages, in order to guarantee the basics so as not to fail in the strategic purpose.

In a recent session of the Provincial Committee of the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC), that organization and its unions were urged to take advantage of their natural spaces to examine why, despite the existence of material support for these EE, there are still organisms that are missing to his word and do not deliver what was agreed.

The noxiousness of these breaches is not just an affectation at the entity level. Its scope goes beyond. A single example would suffice to illustrate it.

So far this 2019, the sugar group of Matanzas (AZCUBA) is far from the figure for the manufacture of animal feed, which affects the low percentages supplied to the company of Porcino, which in turn cannot fatten pigs that they arrive at the slaughterhouses without the required weight, thus affecting the yields and productions associated with the industries, also distant from fulfilling their sales plans because those who have to supply them do not achieve it, breaking the productive chain in this way.

It is a kind of domino effect, if one link breaks, it affects the others. It is about that all the actors of the process of creation of goods and services take on the bit that is their turn. “Therefore, every demand will be little, who receives resources must support it with plans fulfilled. The country cannot continue to bring from outside the predicted to get here, “reflected the provincial director of Economy and Planning, Esther Gonzalez Enríquez.


Judging by the statistical information, at least until the end of February, the EE showed negative signs in the figures of consumption rice, beef and swine, egg and fresh milk, with a very strong impact on the retail stores in the province.

Cuba continues betting on food self-sufficiency, an essential aspect that in the case of Matanzas motivated the creation of the productive pole integrated by the municipalities of Martí and Perico, in order to link its productions with the tourist pole of Varadero and with the population.

Still that bet does not yield all the expected results. Today these debts are covered by importing yucca, potatoes, meats, fruits and vegetables, a matter that affects too much the finances of a State that makes one of its largest expenditures in the food item purchased in foreign markets.

The new economic pressures to which the United States subjects the country and the urgency of satisfying the growing needs of the population should be sufficient for each of Matanzas companies with EE to make the cross for the sake of a nation that gives everything for the welfare of his people.

There is no other alternative to efficiently use resources, avoid misplacement and enable merchandise or raw materials to arrive and with quality to their destinations. Only the chain will not be broken.






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