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People in Matanzas ratify their unity and commitment around the Cuban Revolution + photos.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 1 mayo, 2019

More than 110 thousand people in Matanzas gathered from early on in the main streets and roads of the capital to march this World Proletariat Day and reaffirm their unity and commitment to the Cuban Revolution and its socialist economic model.

A speech issued at 7:00 in the morning with the voice of our unbeaten

Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, enunciating his historic Revolution Concept, began the march of the workers and their families along the Avenida General Betancourt.

Two blocks composed of veteran fighters, militiamen and young people from different sectors, as faithful followers of the historical legacy, were at the forefront of the parade, which they later added in an organized and enthusiastic way to the workers and their families, grouped by the different Trade Unions.

As in previous years, radiant flags, posters, banners and allegorical images to the event prevailed during the day, timely to exhibit the various initiatives of the labor collectives, among which stood out the contagious congas, slogans and slogans that filled with colors and festivity the first morning of May in Matanzas.

Omar Ruiz Martín, member of the Central Committee of the Party, who accompanied the Matanzas people in this celebration, praised the show of discipline and organization and added that it is a reflection of the mood of the people to face the challenges and challenges that the General of the Army Raúl Castro and our President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

The celebration of the head town was also presided over by Army Corps General Joaquín Quinta Solás; the vice president of the Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas Martínez, the main political and governmental authorities of the province and the Labor Heroes of the territory.

Again the images of Cuba and our main leaders and martyrs toured the streets of Matanzas today. Children on the shoulders of their parents and several generations fused between flags and posters. Multiple voices chanting in the same sense Unity, commitment and victory.

• Photos of Abel López Montes de Oca






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