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Matanzas incurs its net sales.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 mayo, 2019

Although the results for the first quarter of the year are not yet available, statistics for January and February place Matanzas below the plan foreseen in net sales, the most important of the leading indicators (ID), and efficiency meters in economic management.

The data issued by the Provincial Directorate of Economy and Planning (EP) place the ID at 99.1 percent, which means that they left to sell productions equivalent to eight million 800 thousand pesos, goods that unfortunately could not reach their final destination.

In a recent appearance before the delegates to the XXI Congress of the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC), the Provincial Director of EP, Esther González Enríquez, made reference to the follow-up given to the 30 companies responsible for not satisfying the net sales, group where the industries José Valdés Reyes, dairy, meat and construction materials appear, as well as the gastronomic companies of the Popular Power and others such as the sugar mill, the Vladimir Ilich Lenin agricultural or the Agricultural Supplies.

The civil servant questioned that in the group of the non-compliers a strategic company such as the Agro-pecuarian Máximo Gómez, in the lands of Perico, called to lead food emissions because they are in the Integral Development Program.

Nor does it satisfy a dairy emporium like the Genetics of Matanzas, with the state order also to substitute imports and very committed to the manufacture of dairy products. To this the swine, the poultry and the collection companies are added.

In practical terms, these defaults translate into unsatisfied agricultural markets or the retail network with missing essential lines in the Matanzas and Matanzas diet.

Matanzas, Colón, Perico, Limonar, Unión de Reyes, Ciénaga de Zapata, Calimete and Los Arabos are listed as the eight Matanzas   municipalities distant from their sale plans.

According to the report issued by the Provincial Directorate of EP, the rest of the indicators show an adequate behavior and is below the national average, good news to which is added the fact of not accumulating deterioration.

For sample we have several buttons. The gross added value (amount of wealth created) closed February at 108 percent; the salary fund (96.6); the average number of workers (98); labor productivity at 110 and the average salary closed at 97.6 percent execution. In addition, more than 83 million pesos of profits are obtained, equivalent to thirteen million pesos over the agreement.

In Matanzas, where there are 93 companies, 110 budgeted and 21 with budgeted units with special treatment (defined as they are able to cover part of their expenses with the income they generate), the country has placed its hopes of achieving the expected gross domestic product for 2019.















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