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First Cuban mixed hotel Continues to prop up its story.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 3 mayo, 2019

When he is about to celebrate his 29th birthday, the hotel Sol Palmeras, in Varadero, continues to prop up a story that began to be written on the day of its opening on May 10, 1990, an event attended by Fidel Castro Ruz, historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Year after year the center belonging to the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) increases its income and breaks record by the growth recorded in its contributions, management determined by the typical efficiency of a collective for more than a decade National Vanguard, the prominent emulative category granted by Cuban Workers trade Union and its unions (CTC).

«With these results we will celebrate the 29 years of the installation and we will do it from the certainty that you can still contribute much more. There are always reservations … «, says Antonio Erranz, deputy general director for the Cuban side.

If something makes Sol Palmeras a unique site, it is the fact that around 15 percent of its tourists are repeating, many of which have returned 30, 35, 40 times, something very linked to the performance of the employees themselves, which their kind treatment are the first promoters to bring back here men and women who already consider part of the family.

In the opinion of Erranz, Sol Palmeras continues to stand out among its counterparts in Varadero due to the high levels of occupation, with a monthly average of 1,200 clients in its 604 rooms.

Arnaldo Diaz Hiedra, general secretary of the union bureau, explains that this is due to the high quality standards achieved, despite the aging of a hotel plant constantly undergoing renovations to provide the customer with new experiences. Last year, for example, two million CUCs were invested.

«The important thing here has been the fidelity in the quality-price ratio, that people feel they received in correspondence with what was paid,» says Díaz Hiedra.

Buffet and outdoor areas have been renovated to give customers the feeling of finding something new each time they return to the managed facility under a mixed administration contract between Cubanacán and the Meliá.

Canadians, Germans, English, Argentines, French are in the relationship of the main foreign markets, visitors seduced by the quality in the provision of services and the star work of the staff of a collective where almost one hundred percent of workers manifest their I want to continue working in this facility, «and this is a consequence of the way in which we serve our workforce, also characterized by stability,» said Arnaldo.

According to the veteran union leader and direct delegate to the final sessions of the XXI Congress of the CTC, «this May Day we will make history once we take the streets of Varadero to reaffirm our willingness to be efficient, meet the income to the country and reiterate our firm conviction to continue defending the conquests of the Revolution «.

In this way, he says, we will carry out the first of many activities for the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of a hotel that promised Fidel to be an eternal example in efficiency and quality.


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