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Helms Burton Law: genocidal and colonial.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 3 mayo, 2019

The government of the United States announced that the third section of the Helms-Burton Act, which qualifies as an interventionist, extra-territorial and colonialist, would enter into force.

This legislation was published on March 3, 1996 with the objective of reinforcing the US blockade of Cuba. It was President Bill Clinton who signed and enforced the so-called Law of Cuban Freedom and Democratic Solidarity to please the extreme right of Florida.

In truth, freedom and solidarity does not have a damn, on the contrary, it violates our sovereignty and the international right to establish business with foreign companies and investors and tries to dispose of the national territory as if Cuba belonged to them. Go, illusion.

Nor does it possess an iota of solidarity towards Cubans. It is a ruthless way to pretend to suffocate economically, to which add measures by limiting the amount of remittances sent by relatives to their loved ones.

The international rejection has been massive, the European Union and Mexico and Canada, plus the countries of the Caribbean area have expressed their decision to continue their actions in Cuba.

Although it has been 23 years since its enactment, postponed its application for decades, what now shows that reactionary minds based in the United States do not evolve, remain fossilized.

They think that they will bend us. The proclamation of the new Constitution of the Republic and the gigantic May Day parade in every Cuban corner is the answer. It is a «knock out» by Stevenson in Uncle Sam’s jaw.




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