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Matanzas advances, now to preserve it.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 4 mayo, 2019

In his recent visit to the province of Matanzas, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez praised the work done for the 325th anniversary of the city, which is shown in the beauty exhibited by the city, mainly in its historic center, in addition to the executed in other areas.

The maximum governmental figure of the country also called on Matanzas people to take care of what has been done and to keep it with the same determination. He also exhorted to defend the culture of detail as a distinctive element of the society we intend to build.

So if we talk about conservation, we must comply with the regulations that aim to achieve that goal, for example, the prohibition of jumping on our bridges, which are often converted into a springboard for bathers in rivers and beaches.

On the first of May, in front of everyone, several couples of young people jumped from the bridge located at the beginning of the viaduct and made it with such a roar that they caught the attention of the hundreds of people in Matanzas who returned from the parade for Workers’ Day.

The use of the footbridge, in addition to the nitrate that impregnates it, destroys it, fundamentally the aluminum handrails that already show deterioration, because when they are launched from them, they deform their line.

So, if we were able to elaborate an edict for that purpose, now it is up to us to fulfill it and thus take care of what has been done and, above all, encourage the culture of detail.



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