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Anniversary 124 of the fall in combat of José Martí in Dos Ríos.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 7 mayo, 2019

The Marti Youth Movement in the province of Matanzas joins the town to hold a group of meetings in order to commemorate the significant date of the fall in combat of the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí and Pérez, as confirmed by its president, Léster Octavio Almeida Revé. He referred to the Apostle, who considered that patriotism was the cornerstone capable of overcoming obstacles and mobilizing man, patriotism of combat and commitment, willing to surrender even life.


Almeida Revé, in her interview, stated that patriotic education gave her a permanent character, she did not see it as a subject that could be studied in school and considered as defeated, but as a process throughout life. For Marti, patriotic education could not be carried forward unconnected with the general education of the people, since this sector plays an important role in teaching Patria history.

The highest representative of the Youth Movement in Matanzas said that the example of heroes and martyrs was an essential element for Martí in the development of patriotic education and highlighted those men and women who symbolized the spirit of struggle of the Cuban people.

He advocated using various forms to contribute to patriotic education, such as the use of the press, activities of certain characteristics, speeches, speeches and even letters and personal conversations and assigned an important role to the family, a fundamental cell for society, where patriotism must be treasured for the new generations.

Martí understood that the respect and attention given to men and women who fell or were maimed to defend the country will have a direct impact on the patriotic education of the people, which can never be carried out on the basis of empty slogans.

These ideas of José Martí’s thought today enjoy a unique validity and are the basis of the Military and Internationalist Patriotic Work developed by the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution.


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