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Overcomings: criticism or applause?.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 12 mayo, 2019

The need to produce food and consumer goods for the population requires increasing the plans of state companies as an essential premise to be able to move forward, so partial adjustments must be made so that the productive chain works and production is not stopped at the base. , which is so required before the increase of the imperialist blockade of our Island.

Given the current circumstances, if a company exceeds its production plan, I do not understand that it is subject to criticism, on the contrary, it must be applauded, even if its budgetary vision has been deficient and therefore the resources that demand increase, because in the end that means an increase in the distribution of food or items to the people or the possibility of increasing the lines or lines of another entity.

In my opinion, if that particularity is not addressed in some of our state-owned companies, with the consequent readiness, it reduces the performance and even the interest to do more, which is counterproductive to the human, scientific and logistical efforts that are carried out during a campaign or harvest, because the unforgivable thing would be to lose it.

This dilemma reminds me of the famous rules for jobs that existed in the 70s, when someone overdrawn, instead of paying that increase to the worker, the next month an official came to rectify it so as not to have to pay that result, which caused a brake on both the economy and the development of the productive forces in that work center, as criticized by the Commander in Chief.

It is true that when the climate or the international economic situation itself presents unpredictable highs and lows, it is sometimes difficult to assess six months in advance what an entity will spend or not, but we must estimate alternatives.

It is worth indicating that I am in favor of the planning at all costs, of the calculations and forecasts, but with the flexibility and consequent promptness that allows supplying products to the markets if a so-called overproduction occurs.



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