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Ethics, it is the first of all for Matanzas drivers.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 13 mayo, 2019

For the first time, more than 200 workers, technicians and drivers from the School Transportation Company of Matanzas, a province in western Cuba, signed the code of ethics for the sector, which took place in historical settings such as the Castillo de San Severino and the Museum of the Commandery of the FAR, in Jagüey Grande.

It is a duty to confirm publicly and to sign it in our own handwriting, “said Camilo Moreno García, a 35-year-old driver who has not known another work center and whose bus he has kept for more than fifteen years. This code of ethics is a commitment to raise the quality and efficiency of our service and an obvious allusion to uphold the sense of duty, he said.

Isidro Sobrino, director of the school transport base of the city of Matanzas, explained that although with several years of exploitation, the vehicle park is a center of ingenious innovations by mechanics and the drivers themselves, and is demonstrated daily in compliance with the program of transportation that takes place in the middle of the necessary security and punctuality.

During this year the entity belonging to the Ministry of Transport has received new media and these have been a reason for encouragement for drivers of outstanding career, people who understand the high commitment of being a worker in this sector.

Mario Pérez Tápanes, a veteran in the mission to transfer students, also signed the code of ethics and commented that this is the way to act, with a high commitment and ethical conviction, since it is about the transfer of students and he recalled that during the last five years have not regretted traffic accidents, something that well demonstrates the level of preparation, demand and discipline. Ethics first of all meant.

In short, increasing technical improvement, discipline, road safety, combating crime, are everyday ethical actions that subscribed the more than 200 workers of the School Transportation Company in Matanzas.


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