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Successful Internet Governance Forum in Matanzas.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 14 mayo, 2019

The Internet Governance Forum takes place at the University of Matanzas, now in two panels: Local development, digital economy, culture and cyber-security and Challenges, good practices and digital inclusion.

In the first of these panels was presented the paper Proposed procedure for managing the risk of non-payment for hotels, Doctor in Sciences Gastón de Jesús Rodríguez. The research addresses one of the main concerns for managers of companies and hotel facilities: accounts receivable. Thanks to this study, an algorithm was designed to reduce the number of accounts receivable aged in the 30-day cycle.

This allowed the digitalization of the archival documents that contain the expenditure items, which are printed only in the case of an audit, which is a great advance that reduces bureaucracy and increases the speed of the process. It also enables the immediate electronic invoicing of hotel customers’ consumption, which previously took up to 45 days.

The procedure is valid in the entities of the Spanish Meliá chain in Cuba.

The second proposal of the room was Observatory of environmental sustainability in Matanzas, exposed by the Master in Sciences Liz Pérez, which tries to solve the management of environmental information in the country. The flow of these data, in general, presents difficulties in its processing and causes the loss of content or, on the contrary, its duplication. This observatory is related to the implementation of the Life Task in Matanzas and has allowed this experience to be extended to other territories of the country. It is possible to access the observatory’s website through the electronic address:

The following work was the Matanzas Science-Technology Park Project, presented in the voice of its author, Diego Castilla. This initiative, which sees the light on the 1st. November 2017, integrates several technology companies in the territory with the aim of solving problems and difficulties associated with the use of ICTs and, in the long term, promote the computerization of society.

In the afternoon the plenary session will be held where the debates on the presented topics will be held.


Debates and conclusions

2:15 p.m. In the afternoon session, which corresponds to the rapporteur-ship and discussion of the topics discussed, some of the 132 comments raised in the online debate forum on May 3 last were analyzed in the  Citizen Portal about the technological processes that directly impact on the life of the population.

On this platform, users commented on the need to preserve ethics in the virtual environment, especially in the case of the press for which the Internet is a huge challenge. “Digital journalism has no closing time”, “Internet is more than a technique, it is the heart of a new paradigm, the basis of current social development”, were some of the approaches exposed by cybernaut.

2:20 p.m. The president of the Union of Journalists in Matanzas, Yirmara Torres, presented the report of the day in panel B, Challenges, good practices and digital inclusion and referred to the interventions of Adonis Subit, professor at the José Martí International Institute of Journalism, who explained the usefulness of four tools for Internet browsing: culture, critical vision, ability to tell stories and relate them in multiple channels.

Subit also suggested that the next governance forum be less descriptive and more analytical.

“Years ago it was thought that the Internet would democratize information, but what it does is amplify injustice. In our conditions it is fundamental to educate the population so as not to use technology in an underdeveloped way. We must mobilize it, “said the engineer and journalist Iroel Sánchez.

2:30 pm. The president of the Union of Informatics of Cuba (UIC) in the province, Fidel Pancorbo, gives the floor to the audience to start the debate.

2:45 pm. “It is essential to include citizens in the technological advance and that each one contributes their own knowledge. We do not have to wait for ETECSA for a transfermóvil course, but ask for the support of our neighbors, of coworkers, “said Betty Correa Reyes, ETECSA official.

3:00 pm. “Digital technology in our country is introduced very slowly, in contrast to the rapid dynamics that govern these processes in the world,” said Brian de Armas, a worker at the University of Matanzas.

3:15 p.m. “It is a cultural fight, because the biggest problem is not the lack of resources, but the training of users. Contradictorily the Internet has increased ignorance and inequality. The best way to face this is the cultivation of knowledge, which will allow a critical use of that tool. Cuba is in better conditions than most of the countries in the region: the massiveness of the schools, the compulsory nature of the ninth grade … “emphasized Iroel himself.

3:30 pm. Arturo Barrios Robles, vice president of the Union of Informatics of Cuba in Matanzas, referred to the vital importance of the implementation of governance through the scientific method so as not to reproduce the same experiences in different contexts.

“Many people do not like the use of digital technology because it requires a change in behavior. This has happened, for example in markets where virtual purchase is enabled and ‘mysteriously’ a certain product is exhausted or in the bus terminals when the capabilities of a vehicle are reported and in practice this is not the case.

” Finally, he congratulated the speakers and thanked the University of Matanzas for the reception and organization of the meeting.

3:45 p.m. In the conclusions, Leyda Finalé de la Cruz, rector of the house of high studies in Matanzas, said: “Matanzas´s people should be proud of our civil society capable of demonstrating in this event the main achievements in the computerization of society, one of the objectives for the development of the country “.

She also announced the call for the next Internet Governance Forum.

(Written in collaboration with Maritza Tejera).



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