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Cárdenas: the advanced in the installation of photovoltaic solar parks.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 mayo, 2019



The first electric lighting service in Cuba was created, precisely, in what is known as the City of Primicias, Cárdenas, on September 7, 1889 with 83 public bulbs and 318 private bulbs.

To celebrate this event, the Electricity Company of Matanzas designed the campaign called 130 years enlightening the future.

«This is a date of great connotation and impact for the workers of the electrical sector, for the city of Cárdenas and our province in a general sense».

And what better way to celebrate, added Vivian Vera Vega, principal specialist of the institutional communication group of the Matanzas Electric Company, that with the introduction of new technologies.


«Today Cárdenas is a first for the installation of solar photovoltaic parks, which means that 130 years later it enters the history of Cuba with the introduction of this renewable, healthy and efficient energy that benefits customers and society in general» .Therefore, the projection and development of a group of activities that encompass different sectors of society.

«The campaign was already presented at Expo-Cuba, where the company won the communication award and this month we started with the event of Rescue of Historical Memory, where retired people and also new young people entering our entity will have an exchange and visit to Cárdenas in coordination with the Curator of the City.

«We will also present the call for a pioneering contest that on the subject of electric power, its applications and utilities for modern man, will stimulate in the new generations the love and respect for the activity of the electric sector».

The celebration of this event that took place 130 years ago in Cárdenas also talks about the socio-economic development of this city, the first in Cuba and the second in the world, after New York, to install electric lighting service.


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