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Food production with science.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 15 mayo, 2019

The agro-productive sectors of the country have in the information and meteorological knowledge a strong support to achieve food sustainability, one of the priorities of the State Plan for the Confrontation to Climate Change.

The also known as Task Life allows the application of international projects such as the Bases Environmental for Agro-Alimentary Sustainability (BASAL).

This is derived, explained Milagros Alfonso Cabrera, a specialist at the Matanzas Provincial Meteorological Center, a package of adaptation measures that reach producers in Matanzas municipalities such as Martí, Perico and Calimete.

“Within the adaptation measures we can mention the one designed to get the early warning of the weather forecast to the producer. That is, to know beforehand what is going to happen with the meteorological variables that most influence the behavior of the climate and that logically are the ones that are going to affect its production?”

This work has allowed them to identify leading producers in cooperatives in the municipality of Martí.

“In the case of the producer José Luis Márquez Pérez, he has a very advanced solution. In his mail @nauta receives a forecast 24 hours in advance of what will happen with the temperature, rainfall, wind regimes, in that area close to the coast and highly sensitive to climate changes. ”  This is a service to which the information is added with the phases of the Moon.

“With this, the producer can plan his activities, for example, if he has to keep vine, unbutton, unhook, etc. and above all the time he has left for his productive actions.”

Benefits of science that are in favor of agricultural production, therefore Alfonso Cabrera emphasized:

“The producer who wants to receive part of the time on his cell phone, goes to the Meteorological Center and as an umbrella, as a protection, of the measures of adaptation to climate change, he is sent the particularized part of his area, his location.

“For example, climatologically it says high migratory pressures on the north coast; the producer does not say anything about that. On the other hand, if you are told what the winds will be like in your region, you can evaluate the evapotranspiration, the percent moisture, that is, the data of your interest that will give you results. ”

And the success of this service is in the reduction of the forecast scale.

“This makes the forecast more efficient due to the contribution we have from a Surface Meteorological Station, with a group of updated information and database.”

Actions that speak of the renewal and strengthening of agro-meteorology in Matanzas, of efforts to put scientific knowledge in favor of food production in the current conditions of climate change.


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