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Never on the side of evil.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 19 mayo, 2019

The Cuban Apostle, José Martí, once said that men walk in two camps, those that love and found and those that hate and destroy, so it is easy to take advantage of the time of our walk through the world and to follow the good works, those that love, or bad ones, those that hate and destroy.

Today Venezuela is involved in a total harassment by Washington and internal opposition. Marti’s thought is very marked in that country. At first glance and without any scientific rigor you can distinguish the two sides, one serves the most unprotected, gives them education, health, work, dignity and freedom. The other makes cruelties of such magnitude that not even the most poisoned detractors of revolutions can coexist with it.

Who, if not a cruel mind, can approve or follow a state platform that commits acts such as those perpetrated against the young Orlando Figuera, burned alive in an antichavista guarimba or enjoy the pain of a mother like Inés Esparragoza, mother of the incinerated.

How is it possible to support a Guaidó, protagonist of this and many other atrocities?

When a sensible person reads the testimony of that mother can know without fear of equivocation where is the reason and where the evil.

That is why the Martí’s thought is so valid that men walk in two camps, those who love and found and those who hate and destroy.



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