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The custom is stronger than love.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 20 mayo, 2019

Yes, the custom is stronger than love, so every Saturday I get up early to come to work and before using the toothbrush, I call the bus terminal of Unión de Reyes, I ask the same question as always and I get the same answer as always, however this time I was surprised by the explanation: “There is no love. Today we are going to work as if it were Sunday. ”

I remained still, immobile, at rest, paralyzed like the buses at the base. Although the voice of the telephone continued explaining to me how it worked on Sundays, I could not understand anything else, I just caught, “one for the Punta and another Matanzas”, while I squeezed my brain trying to find out how to do to skip this Saturday cruel and without transport, because in my calendar, the days are seven and none is repeated.

In the end, as the custom is stronger than love, I ended up as always; riding on the machine of a boatman, on one of those trips whose value far exceeds what I perceive as salary in a workday. Neither the diversity of criteria of the travelers about “how is the thing!”, Nor the reggaeton at full volume, could make me stop thinking about the color of the machine that awaited me to return in the afternoon.

I am aware of the economic situation in the country, the imbalance of Donald Tump, the damage caused by the blockade and the absurdity of the application of Chapter III of the Helms Burton Act. I know of the reduction of the quota of the petroleum assigned to the public transportation, but: It does not even reach to cover a route to the day? Seriously, the weekend will have two Sundays from now on?

In the Union de Reyes walk, two guaguas Yutong brand and one Ecoliers wait to be filled to start their journey to Matanzas, in parallel Cabezas people are debated in an irremediable queue to access the services of private transporters, who as good bounders , today if they put on their boots, because they lacked state competence.

It requires searching for alternatives, reanalyzing existing solutions until now, thinking about those that we cannot, nor do we have the option to convert, on Saturdays on Sundays.



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