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Decrease in Matanzas number of students that pass Mathematics entrance test.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 mayo, 2019

Only 52 percent of the students from the province of Matanzas who applied for the math entrance test, in the first call, approved. The result, even preliminary and subject to changes due to the requalification, represents a significant setback with respect to the previous year when just over 60 percent of the students passed this test.

About his experience, several students from the Enrique Hart Pre-university Institute, from the yumurina city, commented. Such is the case of David Hernández:

“The exams were very difficult, even Spanish, which due to the nature of the subject is less feared for us. The third questions of the three subjects were complicated, but they were coherent with the exams of previous years. Only the History questionnaire seemed inappropriate because it was very specific; of the content that included almost six centuries they selected a very limited period and that, in my opinion, is not representative of the national past. ”

Marisbenis Torrens, for his part, considered:

“It could be approved, it was hard, complicated, but it was possible to obtain the minimum of 60 points. In addition, I believe that corresponded to the content we received during tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades and with the preparation that was offered to us in the terminal stage. ” Norbis Yunior Cabrera, also a pre-university educator, commented: “The school offered us a good training and corresponded with the evaluations. The most important thing is to study with time and consistency, being a finalist is like a guarantee of failure. In these tests the learning of three years of studies is valued, impossible to consolidate in a few months. “Another student commented:

“I was wrong in the question of Flat Geometry, in the case of Mathematics, and that cost me the approved. Maybe I had other mistakes, but that was the biggest. I did not request requalification because I got only 37 points out of 100 possible. Now I have to face the extraordinary exams and things get complicated because, if I approve, I would get the second award and it is possible that the positions of the career I want will be exhausted.

” The director of the aforementioned teaching institution, Nicasio Comas Vázquez, said:

“We consider that Mathematics had a high level of rigor. In the previous stage we worked intensely on the objectives, but the result reached by the center does not fit the commitment of the faculty (we provide differentiated attention to each student, we draw up a strategy to solve the greatest difficulties) and even that of several students who were very well prepared, but did not meet the demands.

“Of an enrollment of 203 students, in which the direct grants for the pedagogical college and the Ministry of the Interior are not included, 182 were committed to submit to the exams, finally 152 were submitted, and of this figure they reached 60 points or more students that represent 40.1 percent.

“From these results we immediately began rehearsals for the extraordinary call to be held on June 18th  in the case of Mathematics, 2st 1 Spanish and Cuba History on 25th “, he concluded.

The first grant of university and short cycle courses for students who passed the three tests at the first opportunity will be held at the beginning of June.

Although progress has been made in the preparation of the students in questions such as the reviews according to the affected cognitive domains and not by teaching groups, also in the familiarization with the style of the questions and, consequently, of the answers and with the knowledge of the objectives and general trends thanks to the consultation of questionnaires up to five years ago. Practice shows that efforts are still not enough. The arduous and conscious study from the initial level of secondary education becomes an indispensable requirement in the effort to access high education.




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