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“I was a mess”.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 mayo, 2019

It is encouraging to hear experiences like the one from Matanzas Felipe Barrera Blanco, they assure you that when the will and medical help persist, addictions can be overcome.

“Little by little I went deeper into the consumption of drinks until I got to consume them at all hours of the day. It was not enough anymore. Every day I hid half a bottle of alcohol and in the early morning I also gave my ‘soups’. The next day was the same: I was late, I did not eat, I did not bathe and my life became a vicious circle. It was a disaster. My wife took me to a psychiatrist in Cárdenas, until a “santero” we visited and nothing.

“Then I learned that in the Faustino Pérez Hernández hospital, in Matanzas, there was a rehabilitation consultation and I went there. They gave me a treatment and I managed to be without drinking eight months, but I had a relapse and I hit bottom again. I was even entered. After leaving the hospital, I continued attending the consultations and to this day, I have not been drinking for 17 years.

I meditated a lot, I realized that I was killing my family. I thought that if it was my wife who adopted my behavior I would not bear it, I was selfish.

“I think that in order to get rid of alcohol it is very important that each affected person knows that they are sick. He has to know the characteristics of his pathology in order to face it. Medical help is essential. Time has passed and I still participate in rehabilitation consultations every Wednesday at Faustino, I have become a promoter, I like to help those who start on this long road. It is not easy, but it is possible. ”



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