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Our diversity, our nutrition, our health.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 mayo, 2019

Common house of living organisms that populate the terrestrial and marine landscapes, the biological diversity is the source of the one that the man drinks to obtain food, energy, medicine, dress and refuge.

For these and other benefits that also have to do with recreation and pleasure is that biological diversity or biodiversity requires care, conservation and sustainable use of each resource.

For this, Nelvis Gómez Campos, specialist of the territorial Delegation of the CITMA in Matanzas, explained us, we must take into account the different levels in which the ecosystems are structured.

“There is the genetic, which is the biological diversity within a given species; the specific one, which are the different species that exist on Earth and the one that speaks of the diversity present in ecosystems. We also have landscape diversity, that is, coastal landscapes, agricultural and mountainous, among others. To this is added that each element of these ecosystems have a very active dynamic between them. ”

And in this dynamic the influence of man is decisive in many cases.”It is the man who often conditions the appearance and disappearance of species, by their actions and the modeling performed by the environment, generally in terms of the interests of man himself. That is why we are directly responsible for the maintenance of biological diversity on Earth.

” The need to obtain food, shelter and energy sources has led to the indiscriminate felling of forests and excessive hunting and fishing, which put at risk the strength of biodiversity and, by extension, that of man himself.

Hence the implementation of international projects such as ECOVALOR, which is applied in the province of Matanzas to assess, as expressed by the Doctor of Sciences Ángel Alfonso Martínez, director of the Science and Environment unit of the CITMA Matanzas, the contribution of each ecosystem.

“Matanzas has been a pilot in the country because we have developed an important group of studies that help to identify and value economically the goods and services that ecosystems provide for free.

Here we also incorporate actions to avoid the degradation of biodiversity, the vulnerability of the human species as a direct dependent of it.

” And that is in our diversity is our food and our health.


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