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Where is Piet Hein?

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 21 mayo, 2019

At the beginning, the bronze statue that was located, facing the sea was missed by Matanzas people on Matanzas viaduct. By its position it was known that it corresponded to a foreign personality, because the nationals are nailed back to the sea.

Everything happened in 1998 when Dutch artist Willen Bermon donated to the province of Matanzas a peculiar sculpture by Piet Pieterszoon Hein, a former pirate considered in the Netherlands National Hero thanks to the “patriotic” work carried out in the seventeenth century near of the Cuban coasts.

Who visited the City of the Bridges found the image of the navigator little known by the Cubans. Today the residents of this city are surprised to not see the effigy of the Dutch guarding the treasure of the Fleet of Silver that lies on the seabed of Matanzas Bay.

Then I have a question that may have many answers and because I do not know it. Where is the statue? It has not been on its pedestal for some time. Could someone knowingly give an explanation and if it already occurred, please repeat it again.

The sculpture is already part of the surroundings of the viaduct, as well as a faithful custodian of our bay.


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