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Training and improvement of teachers, priority for the school year .

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 23 mayo, 2019

“The training and improvement of teachers, remains a priority for the Ministry of Education in the next school year,” said the head of that sector, Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, at the Provincial Seminar for the preparation of the school year 2019-2020, developed in The Carlos Marx Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences, located in the city of Matanzas.

“The teacher is the essence. With well-prepared pedagogues we can talk about indicators, make deeper analyzes, propose novel methods, but if we lack that essential figure, everything we do -or a good part-, will focus on trying to replace it. We must also refer to preventive work, a category that is inexorably associated with educational work and return to the beginning: the confrontation of social ills, drugs, violence is inherent in the daily work of teachers as part of education integral.

“Another aspect that is also demarcated from this is the formation of values, the instruction of History, the use of computer and audiovisual resources produced by the Ministry, the training of qualified force of upper middle level (skilled workers, technicians ), area in which the province is particularly affected. ”

Matanzas records a lack of around three thousand educators, which makes it one of the regions of the country with the worst situation in that sense:

“This territory has to keep moving forward, it presents many indicators below the national average. It is now up to the methodologists and managers of each educational level to examine these limitations in detail. The completion of the teaching staff must be rigorously evaluated, an objective that we will not achieve in the short term, but we must move in that direction.

“Efficiency in the vocational orientation towards teaching is not achieved: the university pedagogical careers and the short cycle courses of specialties with this profile have a minimum enrollment, unable to satisfy the need of these professionals. So much so that in the next four years will not have graduations in various subjects and educational levels. It is necessary to work with more intelligence and rigor.

“In a school that does not have teachers; the educational process will always be affected, even if the students do not stop receiving the classes. The different alternatives: contracts, teachers with overload, members of the board of directors, university students, who represent an important figure, do not guarantee quality because they are, in general, unstable and have other responsibilities. ”

It also addressed indicators that behave favorably:”The continuity of studies, the reduction of manifestations of violence in schools, the attendance of workers in schools, the results in the entrance tests to the university of the previous year and in knowledge competitions are aspects in which manifests progress. “For his part, the Deputy Director General of Education in the province, Edilberto Casanova, said that the seminar will be a balance of the previous stage:

“In the following days we will develop topics related to the teaching methodology, the preventive task and the prioritized levels; in this case we find the basic secondary and the technical education that register the biggest affectations due to the deficit of educators. This course will be distinguished by a better attention to technical education, because we have the support of the agencies, we intend to turn the polytechnics into production entities.

“These centers will face a reorganization that will include working relationships with companies and employer organizations and the renewal of their management structures. An example of the above is the Ernst Thaelmann Industrial Polytechnic Institute, which is projected to rehabilitate constructively, an immense challenge because it is an emblematic institution of apprenticeship in Matanzas”.

Topics such as the application of educational improvement in several schools in Matanzas, the quality of knowledge and the integral formation of students will be discussed as part of the seminar, which will be held until May 25th.


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