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Repudiate in Matanzas activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Law.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 mayo, 2019

Workers of the Construction and Assembly Company (ECM), of the city of Matanzas, repudiated the extraterritorial nature of the Helms-Burton Law and the activation of its title III, “garrote document with which we do not understand each other”, they expressed in allusion to the American legal instrument that intensifies the commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

In the presence of the general secretaries of the 36 trade union sections, of directors of the ECM and of its nine base business units (UEB), as well as of a group of employees, the harmful scope of the so-called Law for Freedom was explained and the Cuban Democratic Solidarity, put into effect on March 12th, 1996 by the government of the United States.

Several voices, such as that of Ivette Martínez Díaz, rose up to denounce “this meddling in our internal affairs. Who told President Trump that they can impose their laws on us? They do not have that or any other right to do it … Our problems must be solved by us, “said the Licentiate in Psychology and specialist of the entity.

Rodolfo Ortega Villalonga, legal expert of the NDE, considered that “no country in the world can allow another nation to impose its laws, because it would be absurd, irrational and in violation of all the conventions of the United Nations, the International Law treaty. It is something that nobody can understand, only the government of the United States, which believes it to be the owner of the world, but we are not going to understand them, because our country must be respected. ”

Ortega Villalonga affirmed that no Matanzas will accept losing what was granted by the Revolution: “I live in a land of people who left the country, in the center of the city, as it happens with other inhabitants of Versailles or North Naranjal districts, and No one will come here to take away our own. Do not dream it. ”

Anabel Milián Veguería, secretary of the Extraterritorial Bureau of the Matanzas NDE, said that the one carried out this morning is the morning pilot of several events that will take place in this company, at the request of the Cuba Trade Workers Union and the National Trade Union of Workers of the construction.

“As has happened in this group, we will continue to denounce the terrible damage that the Law entails for our sector, basically because of the impact that this can entail for the entry of supplies to our works,” she said.

He explained that “will develop until June a day of reflection, confrontation, how much we can do to mitigate the real effects that the law could have in a sector as strategic for the country as the construction.

“We will not sit idly by and that’s what 1,600 workers in a company are aware of, with the commitment to denounce this new hardening of the blockade, Americans. As on other occasions, we are sure that we will be victorious, “she said.

Located in the road of San Luis, in the city of Matanzas, the building that houses the headquarters of the ECM was inaugurated by the dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1954, but does not appear in the list of centers nationalized at the beginning of the triumph of the Revolution January 1959.

The Helms-Burton Act was conceived with the marked purpose of internationalizing and codifying the laws of blockade, privacy and discourages direct foreign investment and international trade, promote the subversion of internal order and overthrow the government of the Island.

In its letters, Title III says: “Protection of the property rights of American nationals.” Activated by President Trump as of May 2nd , 2019, allows nationals to bring legal proceedings in the courts of the United States against any person or foreign entity that “traffic” with American properties nationalized by the Cuban Revolution after the first of January 1959.

From the same date of approval of the Act in, all the presidents of the United States, including Trump in 2017 and 2018, had suspended every six months the legal actions conceived by Title III.

Several experts agree that the document constitutes an acknowledgment of the violation of International Law and the sovereignty of other states, while admitting that these legal actions would cause insurmountable obstacles for any prospect of solving the pending claims and compensation between the governments of the United States.

The participants alluded to other damages of the Hems-Burton, between which they emphasized damages to the economy, due to an undeniable impact on the foreign investment, the tourism, to the own-account workers, and sectors of the production and the services linked to the previous areas.

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