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Reporting function of the Transmetro buses.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 25 mayo, 2019

The service of a Transmetro bus for the picking-up of workers to and from the tourist centers of Varadero responds to a strict work schedule, which allows the flow of services in the hotel and extra-hotel network of those who live in the cities of Cárdenas and Matanzas.


And I call for reflection on the chain that is established in the time of entry and exit of staff, since it responds to a set time for those who have spent many hours working on these tasks and those who arrive to replace them and thus continue without interruption during 24 hours and day to day attention to customers and tourists, in addition to other essential functions for the proper development of this important and essential line of the national economy. This means that the design of the routes, and I do not say must, must be as punctual as possible.


I write with knowledge of cause, because for more than 18 years the workers of Radio Varadero have used this means of transport to carry out their tasks with precision and discipline.


I agree that they should be used to return to alleviate the shortages of low-cost means of transport, which the population in both cities needs and not only from one territory to another, but internally, but we must understand that the time to take the relay staff to the tourist pole cannot be late or wait for hundreds of people to get off at stop, because that would delay the flow of services and logic indicates that the tourist or client does not have why suffer delays and receive abuse for that reason. Everything must work like a clock.


We need to be understanding. Perhaps, as some colleagues suggest, they can look for other ways to collaborate during peak hours that coincide with the pick-up times in the obligatory points, by creating direct routes from one end to the other. For example, Contreras and Magdalena René Fraga Park or La Estrella Park, depending on the destination, but the important thing is that you cannot harm its real function, which is to transport and respect the rigorous hours of movement of staff to their post work that the tourism sector requires.


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