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License to love.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 mayo, 2019

A Japanese legend tells that people have a thread attached to their little finger that binds them to their soul-mate. It can stretch and bend, but not break. Many people never find that soul mate and others let it escape because of social factors.

Love sometimes comes in unexpected ways. In the sphere of hearts, the term “normal” should disappear. All expressions are valid, as long as they are healthy and respect impartial rights.

At present the slogan of the so-called “Original Design” undermines the constitutional aspects of equality. Science discards the same-sex taste of the list of diseases and mental disorders. Homophobia represents a form of discrimination and aggression towards those who opt for relationships outside the heterosexual framework.

Sexual preferences do not interfere with the lives of other people or influence their performance as citizens. It is time for those rooted in the classical concept of family to accept that absolutely all people have a license to love.


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