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Yazu, an urban botanical garden.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 mayo, 2019

Nestled in the batey of the former Central Republican Spain, in the municipality of Perico, highlights the Yazu Garden, a sanctuary for exotic species of flora. The place has multiple varieties of plants and is the initiative of the young Yasnier López Marrero and Zuleydis Pardo Galindo. It owes its name to the initial syllables of these, its creators.

“Yazú began as an economic initiative, as a couple. At the beginning we would sell the flowers but when we had seven orchids we already thought we were collectors. We could not sell them. That’s where everything began, “said Yasnier López.

These young people focus their attention on angiosperms, better known as flowering plants. Yazu is home to endemic and foreign species that make it look like a small urban botanical garden.


“In ornamentals we have 350 types of orchids, ferns, begonias, butterfly flowers of more than 35 varieties of colors from white to pink. Among the trees we have peach, apple, mulberry, “added Zuleydis Pardo.

The cultivation of these plants is a challenge. It requires areas that simulate its natural environment and resources such as fertilizer, growth hormones and chemicals that keep pests away and promote flowering.

The limited assistance received by the entities represents the main drawback for the development of the urban project. Pardo pointed out that despite the contributions of the company Indio Hatuey, the directors of Urban Agriculture showed no interest in the project. They only achieved municipal recognition because they considered it a game of two young people with too much free time.

The greatest support is received by the University of Matanzas. Ariala Vera Hernández, professor of Biochemistry at the headquarters located in Perico, appears as tutor of the workshops on floral cultivation taught by young people.

“We have a circle of interest for primary school children called” Tiempo Vida “. They also hold workshops for people with disabilities and plan to adapt a space so that they can be recreated with the tranquility of the place. We also do other events with residents of the area, “added Ariala Vera.

Creating life with their own hands represents a rewarding task for these young people. They think that the plants integrate part of their family and that as living beings they can feel the energies and the effort that they dedicate to them

.Yaznier added that the most important thing is that they study, work and create life together. In this way “the madness of two boys with too much free time”, became a true urban botanical garden.






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