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108 years that a great union leader was born.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 29 mayo, 2019

Lázaro Peña González would be 108 years old this May 29th, date declared Workers’ Day Tobacco because from this sector the great union leader began his battle as flag bearer of the unity of the proletariat which was endorsed in 1939 with the founding of the Central Workers of Cuba (CTC), organization of which was its first general secretary.

Tobacco twister worker, discriminated by the color of his skin and the poverty of the cradle in which he was born; Lázaro gave him vehemence whatever had to do with the justice and welfare of his class brothers.

From a young age he demonstrated this when, from the ranks of the Communist Party, he organized strikes and other actions in favor of proletarian unity.

Nothing would be easy then life in the clandestine and after the fall of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1958), he occupied the front ranks in the struggle for the consolidation of the working class in defense of the nascent Cuban Revolution in 1959 and your social project.

The well-known captain of the Cuban working class always considered the union as the most important mass organization in the construction of socialism and for the success of the economic plans in the factories and workshops. “It is the best help that administrative and state bodies can find in their functions,” he said.

He called on union leaders to pay careful attention to all workers, regardless of the degree of participation of some in the tasks. He considered that only in this way could they be attracted, interested and incorporated into revolutionary activities.  His talent, political and ideological baggage were decisive pillars in the organization of the XIII Workers Congress, an event to which he devoted all his energies still convalescing from a cruel illness that caused  his death on March 11th, 1974.

But Lázaro is still among us, leaders like him should not be reminded only on important dates, but in the day-to-day actions; and their example and consecration must be the paradigm of each of the Cuban trade unionists.

In Matanzas, his birthday is commemorated with special acts and dawns, mainly in the labor collectives of the tobacco sector, of which the captain of the working class was his most significant exponent.







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